Introducing my newest product

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I’ve recently released a new product called Weight Plate Workout - a fitness product designed to get you fighting fit.

You can check it out by visiting the link above.


People in my “micro network” that you need to connect with!

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Ten Awesome people to check out in the blogosphere

Check out my quick Podcast Introduction

Ryan Critchett

This guy is TEARIN’ IT UP right now! Ryan is rapidly moving into the Social Media space. A guy with strong opinions and excellent ideas, he is an up & coming blogging and Social Media “rockstar” of the future! Ryan “gets” the Social Media thing and what it is actually for, and is eager to engage with people and chat. Ryan is more about passion than profession, that’s what I love about him. Expecting big things from him this year. So check him out!

An Interview with Mark Harai

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Not only is Mark Harai a really nice guy and awesome blogger; as far as I’m concerned he is the “go-to” guy for Business Development. It’s unbelievable to think that Mark only set up his blog this year, if you look at it and look at the amazing community he’s already built there you will think that he’s been blogging for years! Mark and I had a great chat, we talked about his extensive and impressive background consulting companies, his work at Dime Labs, his awesome blog and the importance of building high quality relationships online, as well as a few other things.

An Interview with Stuart Mills

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Stu is a great guy. I noticed we were commenting at many of the same spots, so I thought I better check out his site ( When I did, I was overwhelmed with how awesome his blog was, and immediately approached him for an interview. He was happy to help. We got on great, hence the interview lasted over 40 minutes!

He really knows his stuff, and is a blogger through and through – all focused on community and conversation, and a truly excellent writer, as you’ll see when you look on his blog.

An Interview with Jon Alford

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A massive thanks to Jon Alford from for making time in his busy schedule to do an interview with me. We quickly established a rapport and the thirty minute interview flew by, it’s full of great content!

An interview with Jk Allen from

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Jk Allen, from, very kindly agreed to do an interview for I’m honoured to say that this was his first blog-related interview! Jk is a really cool guy who has a unique perspective on things. His blog is less than 12 months old and doing really well. It mainly covers personal development and business, and he focusses on providing high quality, value-adding content. , I’m sure you’ll learn something and appreciate his content. You can check his posts out here

In the interview we talk about all themes covered on my blog – business, blogging, and personal development.

An Interview with Peter Vogopoulos from

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I’ve just finished an excellent interview with Peter Vogopoulos, the other half of the great team over at Peter is a marketing strategist, business coach and certified Guerilla Marketing Coach who does a great deal of work with local businesses. Peter is also a seminar leader, sought after speaker on marketing and small business, and is a faculty lecturer of entrepreneurship at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, one of the top business universities in Canada.

An interview with Ryan Critchett

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I recently came across a great blog called, and the guy behind that blog is Ryan Critchett. He also has a personal blog Ryan is both an IT Technician and an Entrepreneur. He focusses on the psychological and mental aspect of online blogging, something that is disregarded by many people who make a living online.

What Ryan says about himself: “I’m really into mental performance, psychological experimentation and how the mind relates to everything else.” He has a healthy obsession not only with experimentation, but also with tracking data to see the implications and results of the experiments.

Danny Iny Interview Part 2

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Below you will find the second part of the Great Interview I did with Danny Iny. You can find the first part ”here“ if you haven’t read it yet.

Robert: I think a lot of people are under the illusion that an online business is immediate passive income, you just set up a site and you get visitors and make money.

An Interview with Danny Iny from

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It is rare you meet such a nice guy that not only possesses great business knowledge, experience and advice, but also has a willingness to share some of his best content completely for free. If you’re a start-up that needs affordable expert advice, speak to these guys.

Danny very kindly agreed to do an interview with me, and it was both an honour and a pleasure to be able to speak with him, and it is great to be able to share this content with you guys. Let me introduce you to Danny Iny, one half of the team over at Whatever I had expected from this interview, Danny completely OVERDELIVERED, as you will see below.